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The subgirl on the pictures wasn't expecting her quim to be locked in steel. Guys from Infernal Restraints had to use a pair of handcuffs to keep the slut calm while applying the device. Wearing nothing but high heel shoes and with her hands handcuffed, young lady looks exceptionally sexy wearing steel panties! She is obviously going to need some time to get used to the new BDSM toy. But no need to worry: she is about to spend a very long time in the dungeon getting trained for many hours straight!

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This tool might look like ordinary chastity belt at first glance. But made in medieval times it is much clever and can be also used to pussy tortures! Look closer at the pictures and you'll see the retractable brace with the mounting point on it. All kinds of dildos can be attached to it and then drawn deep into the wet hole. What kind of torture you like to perform? Extreme or minor one? What kind of dildo you'd prefer to shove into slave's cunt: smooth or, maybe, spiked one?

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Guys from gained lots of experience along the years and subgirl in my today's post is a perfect chance for them to show off their ropework skills. Here she is: smiling sexy and lifting the bottom of her dress exposing colorful panties. Is it possible to stop yourself from ripping them down and putting young woman in bondage? No way!

Slut is lifting the bottom of her dressTit-clamped slut in put in spiderweb bondageRipping the pussy with tight crotch rope

A couple of minutes later the subgirl is already put in ropes and looks like a helpless fly in hands of a spider. Knotty rope is running in between her legs putting sweet pressure on the clitor. A bunch of steel clamps are attached to the massive boobs making the bondage more painful. Master is using bamboo stick to whip the bound breasts. Sexy slut starts screaming but rigger gags her with rope: isn't that kinky?

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The next scene is about classic crotch rope pussy torture. Fully stripped girl is standing on the floor and her legs are spread wide letting the tightened rope to go all the way down in between the pussy cheeks. Captive gal tries not to move because sensitive clitor responds with extreme pain to even the slightest movement. I bet her vagina is wet already! It is time to end up the pussy torture with massive climax!

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Chambers of The Training of O website were specially designed to subject women to all kinds of BDSM training. A number of gals are kept inside simultaneously, going through the different stages of their slavery education. Each of the sluts is signing the contract becoming full time slave for the period for an entire week. Shall we take a look at one of the trainees in action?

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Fucking is one of the first skills sex slave has to master. That's why it is so important to have their cunts worked out nicely. Sometimes stretching the pussy in bondage is pleasure but sometimes it can turn into an extreme torture. Young slave Adriana, for example, is having troubles taking big objects with her vagina. That's why she spends time being tied up with her legs spread wide and her pussy teased with flushes of water.

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Here she is - standing naked and with her hands tied behind the back with thick leather belt. Yet another one is put in her mouth as a gag, preventing the girl from making too many noises. And there are at least a couple of good reasons for her to start screaming. The first is a couple of nipple clamps pulling her boobs upwards. Another is a steel chain placed deep in between pussy cheeks. The slightest move subgirl makes responds with extreme pain in her crotch where cold steel in rubbing the clitor violently. I wonder - for how long she is going to last before having her first orgasm in bondage?

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Penny wasn't the only blonde who has been put in bondage that day. Sara is another sexy girl who has her pussy tortured at the very same room! Imagine a team of two young nudes in bondage, with chains in their cunts looking at each other and having orgasms simultaneously: that is worth witnessing!

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Kneeling woman can't do or say anything about the tight crotch rope deep down in between her pussy cheeks because she is in bondage and gagged. Lazy slut is having her maid uniform taken down and the only things she is dressed in during the pussy torture are a pair of stockings and a suspender.

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